Who Are We?

Who are we at AnimeVosta? We’re is a simple Anime streaming website. This website was created by Anime fans – for Anime fans of both Dubbed and Subtitled likes – and is going to continue to be run by Anime fans. We serve only Anime series on AnimeVosta, and have no plans for anything else at present (Manga in our future?)

Unlike most Anime streaming websites – animevosta is quite proud to boast one of the largest collections of both English Dubbed Anime and English Subtitled Anime in one place, on one website. Animevosta is hard at work every day scouring for any remaining English Dubbed Anime to encode and upload for our viewers, while simultaneously working on putting up the Japanese Dubbed/English Subtitled alternative for viewers that prefer it in its native language. We display every Anime series that has an English Dub with both Dubbed and Subtitled options on the website. So, for fans of both; watch what you like. Or, test both and find out which you prefer more!

AnimeVosta is updated every single day, multiple times per day, with the newest releases right from Japan, and the newest releases straight from the United States! Watch all your Anime, both Dubbed and Subtitled on AnimeVosta!